Rose Bowl Video game – The Oldest American Football Bowl Video game

Nicknamed "The Granddaddy of Them All", the Rose Bowl is the oldest American football bowl

FootballRose Bowl Video game – The Oldest American Football Bowl Video game

Rose Bowl Video game – The Oldest American Football Bowl Video game

Nicknamed “The Granddaddy of Them All”, the Rose Bowl is the oldest American football bowl activity in the place.  1st played in 1902, this yearly college football event has been the optimum attended bowl activity considering the fact that 1945.

Usually played on New Year’s Day, the Rose Bowl is portion of the Event of Roses which consists of the historic yearly parade.  The Rose Bowl hosts the specified Large 10 (the oldest Division I college athletic conference) and the Pacific-twelve (a college athletic conference operating in the western U.S.) conference reps except if they are included in the BCS National Championship Video game which is a separate event from the Rose Bowl Video game.

The initial event football activity was played on January one, 1902 amongst the Jap crew Michigan Wolverines and Western crew Stanford College.  The activity was hugely lopsided as Michigan crushed Stanford by a score of 49-.  The activity was so skewed that football would not be played for the up coming fifteen decades.  The Event of Roses officers made the decision to operate chariot races, ostrich races, and other activities alternatively.  When the Rose Bowl Video games resumed from 1916 to 1922, the game titles were being held at Event Park in Pasadena right up until the Rose Bowl stadium was constructed in time for the January one, 1923 match.  The stadium had the major football stadium capability in the U.S. right up until it was surpassed by Michigan Stadium in 1998.

In the course of the early decades, the two rivals who played in the Rose Bowl consisted of a crew from the Pacific Coast Meeting towards a crew from the Jap U.S.  Fears of a probable Japanese attack on the West Coast adhering to the bombing on Pearl Harbor practically cancelled the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl activity right up until the venue moved to Duke University’s home stadium in Durham, North Carolina in 1942.  The start out of Globe War II and the draft lessened the selection of males remaining capable to play football in schools. Numerous college football faculties dropped some conference opponents and alternatively played towards neighborhood military base groups.  By 1946 the initial write-up-war college football period returned to their regular schedules.

The Pacific Coast Meeting disbanded in 1959 adhering to a “pay out-for-play” scandal at various PCC institutions like Cal, USC, UCLA and Washington.  In its area the Athletic Affiliation of Western Universities was shaped on July one, 1959 created up of charter customers from Cal, USC, UCLA, Stanford, Washington.  Given that then the conference has been known as the Large 5, Large 6, Pacific-eight, and Pacific-10.  In 2011, it became the Pacific-twelve and has gained additional NCAA National Staff Championships than any other conference in heritage. 

The Rose Bowl activity was initial nationally televised in 1952 and became the initial bowl activity and college activity of any sport to be nationally televised for the initial time.  The 1962 Rose Bowl was the initial college football activity broadcast in shade.  USC has played the most occasions with 33 appearances and has the most wins.  The most regular Rose Bowl matchup has been amongst USC and Michigan.

The Rose Bowl Player of the Video game Award is a crystal trophy designed in 1953 and awarded to the most valuable player in the Rose Bowl activity.  It was awarded retroactively for gamers all the way back to the 1902 Rose Bowl.  In the 2005 Rose Bowl Video game, the trophy was awarded to the two offensive and defensive gamers of the activity.

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