Farewell Flight of Endeavour ~ STS-134

Discover! ~ May possibly eighteen, 2011 ~ #19 THANK YOU! Endeavour ~ STS-134 ~ Start

FootballSportsFarewell Flight of Endeavour ~ STS-134

Farewell Flight of Endeavour ~ STS-134

Farewell Flight of Endeavour ~ STS-134

Discover! ~ May possibly eighteen, 2011 ~ #19

Endeavour ~ STS-134 ~ Start Sequence ~ 28

(Pictures from Banana River VIP Shuttle Start Viewing Place – 3 miles from the launch pad!)

WE Designed IT!! WE caught it! We shot it!! Shuttle launch – STS-134 ~ Endeavour’s farewell flight – it was remarkable! Stunning! Breathe taking! One thing so magical and majestic!! One thing Ken & I have the two dreamed of observing, a thing we have struggled for, hoped for! Blessed to have been there! Nervous! Exciting, nerve-wracking! And then suddenly- Gone as a result of the clouds just after that outstanding roll she does so nicely! No do-overs! One shuttle mission left to fly- Atlantis STS-a hundred thirty five, then no additional. A bitter-sweet occasion . . .

What can I say about NASA and the US Space Method? Have you ever used a mobile cellphone, a computer? Checked weather conditions? Had an x-ray? Applied something plastic? And on and on- sure, hoping really hard not to do the “Kim lecture” matter, but SO a lot of breakthroughs in science, know-how, and drugs ARE spinoffs of the area software and so couple of persons seem to know! These developments and contributions profit not only the U.S. of A. but the Earth!!

Considering the fact that 1976, about 1,four hundred documented NASA inventions have benefited U.S. sector, improved the excellent of lifetime and designed employment for not just People in america, but all around the globe as nicely. From the early days of area exploration, these developments have assisted adjust the way of lifetime, primarily in wellness care.

Dialysis A NASA made chemical course of action was accountable for the growth of kidney dialysis equipment.

CAT Scan/MRI The need to discover imperfections in aerospace structures and factors, this sort of as castings, rocket motors and nozzles led to the growth of a clinical CAT scanner which queries the human physique for tumors or other abnormalities. Electronic signal-processing approaches, at first made to enhance photographs of the Moon for the Apollo Method, are an indispensable section of Computer system-Aided Tomography (CAT) scan & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems used these days worldwide.

Bodily Remedy Astronaut wellness has often been a concern. Weightless problems could induce physical deterioration, so a cardiovascular conditioner was made for astronauts in area. This led to the growth of a physical therapy and athletic growth machine used by football teams, sports clinics and clinical rehabilitation facilities.

SystemTV Satellite Dishes NASA made ways to correct faults in the alerts coming from the spacecraft. This know-how is used to minimize sounds (that is, messed up picture or seem) in Television set alerts coming from satellites. NASA has put a lot of a lot of satellites in orbit that present weather conditions pictures, report shifting environments on our world, navy intel as nicely as daily Television set alerts.

SystemMedical Imaging NASA made ways to course of action alerts from spacecraft to produce clearer pictures. (See additional on digital facts and how spacecraft ship pictures from area.) This know-how also can make achievable these image-like pictures of our insides.

Bar Coding At first made to assist NASA continue to keep observe of tens of millions of spacecraft pieces, bar-coding is now used by just about every person who sells points to continue to keep observe of how significantly of what is bought and how significantly of what is left.

Eyesight Screening Process Employs approaches made for processing area photographs to look at eyes of young children and discover out promptly if they have any vision troubles. The boy or girl isn’t going to have to say a phrase!

Ear Thermometer Alternatively of measuring temperature employing a column of mercury (which expands as it heats up), this thermometer has a lens like a digital camera and detects infrared strength, which we experience as heat. The warmer a thing is (like your physique), the additional infrared strength it places out. This know-how was at first made to detect the birth of stars.

Fireplace Fighter Tools Fireplace fighters dress in satisfies made of hearth resistant cloth made for use in area satisfies.

Sunlight Tiger Eyeglasses From investigate done on supplies to guard the eyes of welders functioning on spacecraft, protective lenses ended up made that block just about all the wavelengths of radiation that could possibly harm the eyes, although letting as a result of all the practical wavelengths that allow us see.

Car Layout Applications A computer software made by NASA to analyze a spacecraft or airplane style and design and predict how pieces will conduct is now used to assist style and design vehicles. This sort of computer software can help save money by letting automobile makers see how nicely a style and design will perform even prior to they develop a prototype.

Cordless Applications Portable, self-contained ability instruments ended up at first made to assist Apollo astronauts drill for moon samples. This know-how has lead to growth of this sort of instruments as the cordless vacuum cleaner, ability drill, shrub trimmers, and grass shears.

Aerodynamic Bicycle Wheel A special bike wheel works by using NASA investigate in airfoils (wings) and style and design computer software made for the area software. The three spokes on the wheel act like wings, creating the bicycle very productive for racing.

Thermal Gloves and Boots These gloves and boots have heating factors that run on rechargeable batteries worn on the inside of wrist of the gloves or embedded in the sole of the ski boot. This know-how was adapted from a spacesuit style and design for the Apollo astronauts.

Shock Absorbing Helmets These special football helmets use a padding of Mood Foam, a shock absorbing content initial made for use in plane seats. These helmets have three moments the shock absorbing capability of prior kinds.

Ski Boots These ski boots use accordion-like folds, very similar to the style and design of area satisfies, to allow for the boot to flex without having distortion, nonetheless nonetheless give assist and control for precision snowboarding.

Failsafe Flashlight This flashlight works by using NASA’s principle of technique redundancy, which is often obtaining a backup for the pieces of the spacecraft with the most essential employment. This flashlight has an extra-brilliant principal bulb and an impartial backup technique that has its personal independent lithium battery (also a NASA made know-how) and its personal bulb.

Invisible Braces These enamel-straightening braces use brackets that are made of a nearly invisible translucent (just about see-as a result of) ceramic content. This content is a spinoff of NASA’s superior ceramic investigate to acquire new, difficult supplies for spacecraft and plane.

Edible Toothpaste This is a special foamless toothpaste made for the astronauts to use in area (the place spitting is not a very great idea!) While this would be a wonderful initial toothpaste for tiny young children, it is no for a longer time available.

Joystick Controllers Joystick controllers are used for tons of points now, including computer online games and vehicles for persons with disabilities. These units developed from investigate to acquire a controller for the Apollo Lunar Rover, and from other NASA investigate into how people basically operate (called “human aspects”).

Food Companies A healthcare facility foods service technique employs a cook/chill principle for serving foods. The technique permits employees to put together foods nicely in advance, keep heat, visual attraction and nutritional benefit although lessening running prices. Freeze-dried foods solved the issue of what to feed an astronaut on the extended-duration Apollo missions. This know-how is now in frequent use.

Shoe Layout Athletic shoe style and design and manufacture also benefited from Apollo. Space suit know-how is integrated into a shoe’s exterior shell. A pressure absolutely free “blow molding” course of action adapted from NASA area suit style and design is also used in the shoe’s manufacture.

Car Marketplace Use Insulation limitations made of aluminum foil laid in excess of a core of propylene or mylar, which safeguarded astronauts and their spacecraft’s sensitive instruments from radiation, is used to guard vehicles and vehicles and dampen motor and exhaust sounds.

H2o Purification H2o purification know-how used on the Apollo spacecraft is now used in many spinoff programs to get rid of microorganisms, viruses and algae in neighborhood h2o source devices and cooling towers. Filters mounted on faucets can minimize lead in h2o materials.

Coating for Metal Surfaces Course of action for bonding dry lubricant to area metals led to the growth of area improvement coatings, which are used in programs from pizza creating to laser manufacture. Each coating is created to guard specific metal group or group of metals to fix troubles encountered underneath running problems. Vacuum metallizing approaches led to an in depth line of industrial products and solutions, from insulated outer garments to packaging for foodstuff & from reflective blankets to photographic reflectors.

Cordless Applications Cordless ability instruments & appliances are one particular of the most productive industrial spin-offs of area-centered know-how.

Thermal Technologies Amazing satisfies, which stored Apollo astronauts comfy for the duration of moon walks, are these days worn by race automobile motorists, harmful area personnel, & persons with specific wellness troubles.

Hazardous Fuel Detection A hollow retroreflector, a mirror-like instrument that displays light-weight & other radiation back again to the supply, is used as a sensor to detect the existence of harmful gases in oil growth, chemical crops, waste storage web pages & places the place gases could be launched into the surroundings.

Want a different motive for how essential our area software has been and the place my enthusiasm lies??! Didn’t imagine so! 🙂

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