• Some people don’t like change, so when a big brand changes its image with an updated logo, there is bound to be reaction. F1 surely anticipated some sort of backlash when they launched their new logo at the end of last year, but perhaps didn’t expect it to get quite so far.

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    Stationery firm, 3M has opposed the new logo, claiming that it bears more than a passing resemblance to their own logo, on the Futuro range. 3M has demanded a significant sum of money by way of fee.

    Logo Launch

    Formula One launched its new logo at the end of 2017, unveiling it at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The previous logo had been in place for more than 20 years, meaning that many F1 fans had grown up with the previous logo. The new logo, with a white line through the middle of a curved stripe, followed by a straight line, replaces the slanted “F”, with the speed lines shaped like a 1 opposite.

    Lewis Hamilton voiced the thoughts of many when he said he feels the new logo is as “iconic” as the previous version.

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    3M is reported to have lodged a formal complaint claiming that F1 did not have consent to produce something so similar. F1’s trademark application covers more than half of the eligible categories (26 of 45) although 3Ms concern is that the logo is just not different enough. The formal complaint was lodged on 22 May and could take up to four months for the courts to make a decision.

    Watch In Style

    Despite the noise about the logo that kicked off in Abu Dhabi, the F1 Paddock Club in Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest places in the world to watch a sporting event live. Make it part of a holiday and do it in style with hospitality tickets from specialist firms like Edge Global Events

    For more commentary on the new F1 logo, read the article on the BBC website.

    The size of 3M means that they have resources to fight it. The 3M revenue of £23.8bn is a large pot to borrow from. They are not interested in a settlement because they simply do not need the money. Their single goal will be to prevent F1 from intellectual property they consider to have been copied.…

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  • When you think of a hockey stick, chances are it’s a wooden one. However, over the last two decades with several technological advances, the game has adapted to satisfy consumer demand and the introduction of artificial playing surfaces. As a result, a number of different materials are being used to manufacture hockey sticks and not just the traditional mulberry wood that we all envision.

    During the 1990s, aluminium shafts were introduced with significantly greater hitting power. This was short-lived however after a number of stick failures resulting in injury. The inclusion of metal in hockey sticks was banned. Since then, other materials have been introduced to create composite sticks made from things like carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass.


    In the past, hockey sticks were made from one block of mulberry wood. Mulberry was the favoured choice due to its strength and flexibility. As the game developed though, it became apparent that using one block of wood couldn’t provide the increased curvature required due to the excess stress on the wood. As a solution to this problem, the stick was made in two parts with the handle being bonded to a laminated head piece. This remains one of the most popular choices of stick construction to this day.

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    Composite Materials

    Hockey sticks in the 21st century make use of a number of different modern materials for their construction:

    Fibreglass: This is a cheap material and offers great flexibility and control. It is made from very fine glass strands that are woven together and mixed with resin to give it stiffness and increased strength. It can be applied to the stick’s head to help prevent excessive wear and tear. Perhaps test one during a training session. For Hockey Drill Videos, visit

    Carbon Fibre: This is a more expensive option and consists of thin strands of carbon woven into strips or sheets. It offers incredible strength and is used in many hi-tech industries. It makes the hockey stick extremely stiff, enabling a lot of power when hitting the ball. It does have one disadvantage in that it is quite brittle and has a low resistance to impact. Therefore, carbon fibre is often combined with another material less prone to breakage.

    Kevlar: You might have heard of this material as that which is used in bullet-proof vests and body armour. Its biggest advantage is its incredible strength and flexibility. It is used in combination with both carbon fibre and fibreglass to provide maximum strength to a hockey stick.

    Resin: These are glue-type substances that when dry create a tough, wear-resistant material. They work particularly well on ground that is water or sand based and as such are often applied to stick heads that are either wooden or composite for protective purposes.

    Which is best?

    Most players will have their own personal preference and there are numerous pros and cons to both wooden and composite hockey sticks.

    Wood Pros – Often cheaper which is reflected in the retail price. The natural feel is softer, which many players believe feels better on the ball.

    Wood Cons – As they are hand-made, it’s often difficult to find an exact match when it comes to replacing a stick with matching performance levels. Wood sometimes provides inconsistencies in quality, density and moisture content. It can succumb faster to wear and tear, take on moisture and split or break.

    Composite Pros – These offer greater power and strength in a lighter frame with a larger sweet spot area for ultimate hitting power. The way they are manufactured allows for greater consistency in weight, power and performance. They tend to be more durable, consistent and have a longer playing life.

    Composite Cons – Some say they feel harsher with a less refined ball feel and the manufacturing process leads to higher pricing than for a comparable wooden stick.…

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  • Hockey Devices for ice and inline hockey are two incredibly unique items.  Why are they so unique in character you request?  Very well, for one, one activity works by using wheels.  The other activity works by using a sharp metallic blade.  You could obtain some very similar items in each hockey machines, but you must know what can make each of them.

    Like I claimed, the blade is made use of for ice hockey.  The blade on an ice hockey skate, allows dig into the ice and then glide alongside it.  So the hockey player has each speed an control.  They can also quit by tearing into the ice with their ft.  This ordinarily sends up particles of ice and a cool wooshing affect.  It really is also generally identified as the hockey quit.

    Can you hockey quit on roller blades.  Let’s say for example you have a pair of inline Reebok Hockey skates.  Can you quit?  Will you need to have a specific pair of roller hockey skates?  Will you need to have RBK11’s or a different specific skate.  No, it is really all in the wheels.  It really is most likely much easier to do a hockey quit on inline hockey skates with a pair of tremendous tricky outdoors wheels.  The reasoning for this is that it most probable will slide alongside the surface area.  Tender roller hockey wheels are inclined to grip the surface area and will trigger you challenges.  Just recall skating on the tricky wheels you could not get a chance to hockey quit if you maintain sliding even though making an attempt to skate.  Keep in mind, it is really all about the surface area and the wheels.

    Which is a lot quicker?  I would say that ice hockey skates are surely a lot quicker, but inline hockey wheels are catching up.  The improved the wheel and bearing technologies is, the a lot quicker hockey players can skate.  There some pretty rapidly bearings out there.

    If there is one similarity that I have to mention, it has to be that each ice hockey and roller hockey skates need to have to be maintenanced.  You havet to sharpen the ice hockey blades and you have to lubricate your bearings if you want to have rapidly skates in each sports.  Hockey machines is a easy point to realize.

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  • Can we explain the variances and the similarities between such distinct sports like tennis and basketball? This question would seem a very little unbelievably but I will test to make such comparison and we will see what will be the outcome.

    In my impression the similarities between these two sports are simpler to issue out – and there is a lot lesser number of them. Every sport is injuring – and these two well-known sports are injuring too. Breaking legs or wrists takes place as frequently as other serious accidents. Bruises and scratches are so popular that I ought to not even point out about it.

    Basketball is a lot more call sport than tennis. Basketball gamers are fighting with each individual other to make a rebound or steal the ball frequently pushing them selves and remaining on the opponent’s way. On the other way – tennis gamers have bought no immediate call with each individual other. They are touching them selves only on the starting and the ending of the match by shaking theirs palms or even offering them selves a hug.

    A tennis match is using place in the open up air largely whilst the basketball matches occur only in sport halls. The time of the basketball match is constrained and set whilst the time of the tennis match may perhaps be distinct. The outcome of the tennis match is decided right after two out of three won sets by just one of the participant (at times these values seems like three out of 5).

    As you can see (and for guaranteed know) – tennis is a distinct sport than a basketball but it has some similarities too.…

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  • A lot of danger is involved in this sport  and that’s why it should really not be practiced withoutproper schooling.  It is a really attention-grabbing activity and we can appreciate looking at speed skating in the Winter season Olympics.  The title of the activity alone implies that it consists of significant speed that is far more than thirty miles per hour.  Extra speed indicates that the injuries are also heading to be far more disastrous potent-.  Never attempt to go after this sport on your have as it may lead to terrific disasters and could even  set your lifestyle at danger.  

    Basic safety Gear

    Basic safety equipments are needed for all kinds of winter sports which includes speed skating.  Basic safety gear is really significant and it has to be worn all over the event.  Normally security gear is made up of a helmet, elbow pads and kneepads that provide security and minimize the danger of injuries.  Usually use the ice track as an alternative of a  frozen pool.  Ice rinks are largely intended for the reason of speed skating and it would be secure to exercise the sport on them.

    Kinds Of Races In Pace Skating

    You can locate several distinct sorts of races in this kind of winter sports.  Normally in expert speed skating, you will locate pairs of opponents on the ice track.  There are two lanes in each track.  Just about every particular person in a pair is delivered with a distinct colour band.  At a offered position, the skaters will have to modify lanes.  The coloured band can help the judges to detect that the skaters had been in  which lane when they started off in the starting.  It also can help to make certain that very same amount of distance is coated by both  the skaters.   
    In the other case, if the race is in between a pair of groups then they are positioned on the track at distinct areas.  This is carried out to stay clear of their coming in each other’s way .  The judges track the time and distance coated by each pair of staff.
    You will locate 1 far more form of racing in winter sports acknowledged as marathon speed skating.  In this article you will locate that all the members commence from the very same spot and they attempt to get forward of each other.  Usually, there is a lot of pushing and bumping involved in the approach.

    Kinds Of Skates In Pace Skating

    As there are numerous situations involved in the winter sports, the form of event establishes the form of skates that you have to use in speed skating.  You can locate the standard ice skates, however if you are arranging forlong distance speed skating then clap skates will be the suitable option for you.  It is made up of a hook on the boot attached to the blade.  As the blade has a ongoing get hold of with the ice this hook assists the skater to get far more command in excess of the skates and will allow him to shift more quickly.

    The increasing level of popularity of speed skating is encouraging far more and far more individuals to participate  in this event.  Nevertheless if you want to interact in this activity then to start with you have to opt for the suitable skates for the distinct form of skating event that you favor.  Then make sure to wear all the security equipments and take all the precautionary measures intended for winter sports.…

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