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Posts published in September 2021

5 Quick Fixes That Will Keep Your Plumbing System in Great Shape

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Managing your plumbing system is something that should be an ongoing process. It’s best to at least have basic knowledge of how to keep your plumbing costs down. There are many considerations and those listed below are a great way to avoid constant phone calls to a plumber.

1. Removing Mineral Deposits

Having appliances that work properly is important, especially as it relates to keeping your water bill low. It’s common for showerheads to have mineral deposits that get worse over time. This can result in clogs and inefficiency. Fortunately, it’s something that can be resolved quickly and without spending a lot of money. You can actually remove mineral deposits with a hot water and vinegar solution. Since it’s necessary to soak the showerhead, you can do this by tying a plastic bag around it that contains the hot water and vinegar solution.

2. Investing in Drain Covers

Drain covers are small, but they can have a big impact when it comes to helping you keep plumbing costs down. By installing drain covers throughout your home (showers, tubs and sinks), you can prevent hair and other particles from causing problems. This is also important to avoid the use of chemical drain cleaners that tend to cause corrosion and other issues.

3. Improving Water Pressure

Having a professional provide preventative maintenance is important. During that process, one of the things they can do is check the water pressure. Poor water pressure tends to make some aspects of a home less enjoyable. Whether it’s running water to wash your hands in the bathroom sink or taking a shower, you’ll want to ensure the water pressure is satisfactory. Generally speaking, you can probably have a plumber provide an inspection of your plumbing system at no charge or for a small fee.

4. Eliminating Water Heater Sediment

A malfunctioning water heater should be repaired so that it does not destroy the entire unit. It’s necessary to check for mineral deposits on the storage tank. Mineral deposits should be removed to prolong the life of the water heater. A plumber may end up draining some of the water to remove sediment. It’s one way to improve the efficiency of the unit.

5. Keeping Pipes Rust-Free

Pipes located in the basement or anywhere else that’s out of sight can start to leak or develop rust. Since they are typically not in an area where they are constantly visible, it’s best to check them on a semi-regular basis and notify a plumber if you observe any of the issues mentioned.

Whether you learn how to manage your plumbing system on your own or get help, it’s necessary to stay on top of things. Doing so is a cost effective way to keep your plumbing in good shape. You may want to visit for more of their resources.

5 Types of 3D Prints Used in Culinary Arts

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If you’re someone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen, you’ll appreciate what’s possible with a 3d printer in the area of culinary arts. Keep reading to learn about 3d prints that can be made and used in the kitchen. From basic to novel objects, there are many possibilities.

1. Knife Sharpener

It’s been said that one of the most dangerous utensils in most kitchens is a dull knife. That’s because a dull knife requires a lot more effort than a knife that’s been sharpened. It’s the reason why a knife sharpener comes is handy and you can make one with a 3d printer.

2. Measuring Spoons

Can you ever have too many measuring spoons or cups? Probably not! Fortunately, you can use a 3d printer to make them in different sizes and styles. This includes any color that you prefer. If you are partial to earth tones and natural products, you’ll appreciate wooden measuring spoons that are made with wood filament. You can also print them with any size handle if you want to focus on ergonomics. Notably, this is the type of 3d print project that can be shared with others because it makes a great gift.

3. Bottle Opener

There are all types of bottle openers used these days. There are even some that you can mount on the wall. Whether mounted or handheld, you can print bottle openers with 3d technology. If you’re having a party, you might want to print themed bottle openers formed in the shape of an object, such as stars or flowers. There are even bottle openers shaped like cartoon characters. The information and resources at can provide you with additional insights.

4. Paper Towel Rack

Paper towels are a staple in most homes because you often need them in just about every room. Having a paper towel rack in different places throughout the house is not as unconventional as it might sound, especially if you have children. While you can use a 3d printer to make paper towel racks for the kitchen, you can also use them in the bathroom, garage and other areas of your home.

5. Glassware Organizer

Glassware comes in different shapes and sizes, which can make organizing a bit complicated. You can use 3d print technology to produce different types of glassware organizers so that you keep your kitchen tidy. You can print an organizer that goes inside of your cabinets or one that’s external. There’s also the popular wine glass rack that enables you to hang wine glasses upside down.

People who love cooking tend to be particular about kitchenware. It’s the precise reason why 3d printing is such as great companion in the culinary arts.