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Posts published in October 2019

6 Key Advantages Of Implementing Real Estate CRM

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Customer relationship management (CRM) can mean a lot of different things depending on the industry you work in. For agents working in real estate, it can prove vital to managing various new and previous clients. If you are in real estate and are on the fence about implementing real estate CRM into your business, check out some of the top advantages below.

1. CRM Software Can Organize Tons Of Data In One Place

Those who are successful in real estate often have multiple lead generation streams they are working. Contacts will be coming in from direct mail campaigns, websites, social media platforms and other advertising sites. Trying to maintain a database for each lead generation source can be time-consuming and inefficient. Implementing CRM software can allow all lead generation data to be stored in a single, central location for easy access.

2. Allows For Immediate Responses

A critical component of real estate success is being able to respond quickly to those who show interest in your services. Many real estate customer relationship management tools allow agents to customize their auto-response features to give quick responses to leads. Being responsive, even when it’s automated, is the key to beginning a good relationship between client and agent. To learn more, has additional resources available for reference.

3. Stay In Contact With Previous Clients

Another benefit of real estate CRM is the ability to stay in contact with past clients easily. Even though people do not buy or sell homes very often, they typically do not forget an agent they liked working with. If they ever need to get real estate help again, they will want to get in contact with you if you continued to foster the relationship.

4. CRMs Allow For Customization and Personalization

Information you gather on prospects should be recorded into your CRM software. This can include information about types of homes they are interested in, the neighborhoods they prefer, the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms and even preferences such as carpet over wood flooring. The ability to easily store details will allow you to please your clients better.

5. Task and Workflow Automation

Using a CRM software will allow you to combine the ease of automation with a personal touch. Instead of having to search through your database for information such as birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates, your CRM software will remember it for you. You may even personalize your software to send emails to your prospects and clients automatically.

6. Instant Feedback

It can be easy to just keep trying methods and hoping something works. However, if you can track and measure the results of your efforts, you will be more successful in time. A good real estate CRM allows you to research the success of your marketing methods by seeing click-through rate, email open rates and how many people are viewing your listings.

These are just some of the more important features that can benefit real estate agents. The right CRM software can allow those in real estate to take their business to the next level.