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Posts published in September 2019

7 Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

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Plumbing disasters in your home can require costly solutions. Have a plumber inspect your system periodically to make sure everything is in good shape. Below are seven ways you can be proactive in protecting your plumbing from serious problems.

1- Insulate and Keep Pipes Warm When At or Below Freezing

It seems uncomfortable to maneuver around in small crawlspaces to add heat tape and insulation to freshwater pipes. The payoff is big when cold weather comes, and your pipes don’t freeze. You should also block off cold air from having direct access to your water pipes. If you visit the website, you may be able to find more information.

2- Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Grease, food, hair, and other small items can all end up down your drain and start the beginnings of a primary sewage backup or clog. Use screens on all your pipes and monitor those strange items to keep them from ever making it anywhere near the sinks or tub drain.

3- Don’t Dump Chemicals Down the Drains to Remove Clogs

Chemicals sold on the market to combat clogs rarely work for anything beyond surface obstructions. If you are not able to get water flowing down the drain through serious plunging, chemicals will not work. You are most likely dealing with a serious, deeper clog within the sewage drain system.

4- Take Care of Clogs Right Away

Frequent clogs requiring plunging that returns periodically is a sign you have a serious problem developing. Take these moments as a caution and alert to bring in a plumber and have the drains cleared professionally. Failing to do this means you will eventually have non-working pipes or a nasty sewage backup.

5- Repair Small Leaks Before Becoming Big Leaks

The sudden burst of the flow of water from a plumbing pipe is unpredictable. It is possible to help prevent more significant leaks when they start as smaller drips. Bring in professional plumbing services to fix any minor leaks you find to avoid a worsening situation.

6- Investigate and Repair Water Leaks In Any Upstairs Bathroom

Leaking water above your head can lead to a disaster fast. It can do major water damage to the structure of your flooring and ceiling. Complete bathroom fixtures can eventually fall through the ceiling to the floor below. The cost of repairs can be in the thousands of dollars.

7- Ask Someone to Check On Your House When On Vacation

Imagine how much water damage can be done to your home if a major leak happen while you are away for a weekend, a week, or a month. Call on a friend or family member to check on the inside and outside of your home while you are away.

Taking a few simple precautions can help prevent major damage to your home from clogs and leaks.